1. Are all products made in Halifax, Nova Scotia?  Everything except the Baseball hats and wool products are made right here in my home shop
2. Are all materials you use sourced in Canada?
Yes everything is bought in Canada
3. Is everything handmade?
Everything is handmade except baseball hats, wool ties and wool throws.
4. What is the general wait time? 
I try to get orders done and in the mail within 10 business days from the time you order
5. Do you ship and also offer local pickup? 
Yes..we do offer shipping and you can pick up locally at our place when your order is ready. We are located at 5538 Northridge Road in Halifax.
6. Do you have a physical shop? 
No we do everything from our home for now
7. Do you design your own products?
Alot of the products i make are already widely available and pretty common in the marketplace such as tablecloth sets, scarves, etc. I usually buy a pattern that i think people will like and create from there using mainly tartan. If alot of people start requesting an item such as children's skirts, bucket hats etc,I create a pattern or purchase one and then offer it on my website.
8. Are you a registered business?
Yes we are registered with Registry of Joint Stocks in Nova Scotia.
9. Do you carry family clan tartans?  YES! We are now carrying Clan Ties, and wool blankets