About me...

Sherrie Kearney

Owner / Creator

I run my business from Halifax, Nova Scotia.


I started a business called monkeysandmore.com in 2014 after i had two heart attacks and a stroke and  needed to figure out a way to work from home.

I started with sock monkeys which became very popular over 4 years and have gone all over the world. I have created and sold over 6000 of my monkeys but decided i needed and wanted to do more.
I started creating scarves. In January of 2018 i made a few Nova Scotia and Cape Breton Tartan Scarves. In April of 2019 i changed direction and started Maritime Tartan Company creating all sorts of tartan products.
Pricing for the products was very simple, give a great product at a great price. I looked at it this way "What would I want to pay for an item like this in a store"?
I have been sewing for over 40 years and i am very good at it. I do not not let anything leave my workshop unless it is perfect!
Keeping everything handmade here in Halifax Nova Scotia Canada
My products are now available at The Plaid Place in Halifax on Barrington Street and at Pier 22 Cruise Ship Pavillion. They are also available in Chester at The Village Emporium, The Bluenose 2 Store in Lunenburg and at Maggie Casey's in Smithsfield Virgina. There will be alot more coming in 2020.
My products have shipped worldwide as far away as Hong Kong and i am always getting new projects!