About me...

Sherrie Kearney

Owner / Creator

I run my business from Halifax, Nova Scotia.


I started a business called monkeysandmore.com in 2014 after i had two heart attacks and a stroke and  needed to figure out a way to work from home.

I started with sock monkeys which became very popular over 4 years and have gone all over the world. I have created and sold over 6000 of my monkeys but decided i needed and wanted to do more.
I started creating scarves. In January of 2018 i made a few Nova Scotia and Cape Breton Tartan Scarves. In April of 2019 i changed direction and started Maritime Tartan Company creating all sorts of tartan products.
Pricing for the products was very simple, give a great product at a great price. I looked at it this way "What would I want to pay for an item like this in a store"?
I have been sewing for over 40 years and i am very good at it. I do not not let anything leave my workshop unless it is perfect!
Keeping everything handmade here in Halifax Nova Scotia Canada
COVID19 threw a wrench into 2020 with my normal products. I switched over to masks and have made a little over 17,000 since April 8th that have shipped worldwide. I will be back to my normal products sometime in 2021 as soon as the need for masks slows down and i can safely get my worker back in.
My products have shipped worldwide as far away as Hong Kong and i am always getting new projects!